Guide to American Cowboy Boots

Here at Sheplers, you could say we know a thing or two about American cowboy boots. Having been in the business of selling cowboy boots for more years than we can count, we can safely say that there’s a reason why so many actors, musicians, and even Presidents have opted to make American cowboy boots their shoe of choice.

If you are looking to branch out with your style and try on a pair of western boots for size, then check out this guide to why you should choose American cowboy boots.

American Cowboy Boots

Uniqueness. Have you ever seen a pair of American cowboy boots that the owner didn’t take pride in? We didn’t think so. Especially if you are wear your new pair of boots anywhere outside of the South, you can bet that you will stand out from the rest.

Height. Wish that you had a couple more inches to your overall height? Then American cowboy boots can help you out; heels on these boots add anywhere from a half-inch to almost two inches of height. If you find yourself on the shorter side, then opt for full “cowboy heels.”

Shape. How many times have you looked at a pair of shoes, only to recognize it from another friend that has exactly the same pair? Give your feet a unique look by choosing American cowboy boots that have a square toe, traditional toe, snip toe, or rounded toe.

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