Guide to Buying a Men’s Belt

While a belt might seem like a small part of a man’s wardrobe, it’s a very crucial part of completing a man’s look. A belt, when it is done right, show’s that a man knows how to dress. Unfortunately, the wrong belt shows the opposite to be true. Thankfully, we have a few tips to help you choose the belt that is right for you, or the man you are shopping for.

Belt length: Dress belts should have a few inches of leather to the left of the buckle once it’s fastened. Enough to tuck under your first belt loop, or the loop on the belt if it has one, is a good rule of thumb.

Belt buckles: If you wear male jewelry of any kind — cufflinks and so forth — the belt should be in the same color family. Silver accents should go with a silver belt buckle and gold with gold. A wedding ring is always an exception — there’s no need to restrict yourself to gold accents for your entire married life. The ring is understood to be a gesture independent of your personal style. Keep in mind, the bigger the buckle is, the less formal it is.

Belt colors: Leather should always match leather. That rule stays with you in dress and casual wear: brown leather shoes go with a brown leather belt, and black with black.  Plain and simple!

Remember, there are a few rules when buying a belt and a belt buckle, and they are very specific to personal style. Buy a belt that looks like something he would be for himself.

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