Guide to Increasing the Longevity of Your Work Boots

Increasing the Longevity of Work Boots

Your work boots give and take a lot each day on the job. You need them to last, but that requires some time and attention. Here are some easy tips for caring for your work boots to help increase their lifespan.

Keep the Dust Away

When caring for your work boots, one of the most important things you can do is to keep them free of dust. One of the easiest ways to do this is to keep a rag in the place where you store your boots at the end of each day. Get into a routine of wiping off your boots after taking them off — it just takes a few seconds! You don’t need any special brushes or towels either. There’s no limit to how often you can do this as a pillar of boot maintenance.

Get Rid of Loose Dirt

Going beyond daily dusting, the next step in keeping your work boots in good condition is giving them a more extensive cleaning and conditioning. That means gently removing any loose dirt and mud from the bottom of your boots. You will probably need to do this with a damp cloth, then use a boot brush to finish this part of the job.

Keep Extra Laces on Hand

Good work boots are nothing without good laces. When your laces start showing signs of wear and tear, replace them right away. Keeping a supply of laces on hand will also keep you from having to search for a new pair if or when they break and you need to replace them immediately.

Don’t Walk on Worn Insoles

Just like good laces, having good insoles are a key to maintaining work boots. Besides helping with the overall stability of your boots, making sure your insoles are not worn will go a long way towards keeping your feet comfortable and happy.

Use a Quality Conditioner

Another step in keeping your work boots in good condition, appropriately, is using a good conditioner. This will make sure the leather does not dry up and become brittle.

Store Your Boots Properly

Finally, an easy way to increase the longevity of your work boots is to pay attention to where you store them. You will want to choose a place that is dry, avoids any direct sunlight, and is not subject to extreme temperatures. 

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