A Brief History of Horseback Riding



The earliest evidence of horseback riding dates to over 5,000 years ago, when fossils of horse teeth indicated that a riding bit was placed in the animal’s mouth. Since then, horses became a great resource for long-distance travel, as well as herding large groups of cattle and other animals. Horses are powerful animals, and were put to work for tasks like packing animals and pulling large loads of food, water, and supplies from one group of people to another. There is much speculation over which people began riding horses first – the Brahmins in India or the Chinese.

Western style horseback riding is believed to have derived in the Southwestern United States in the 1600s, to accommodate the daily needs of cowboys. English style riding, characterized by its saddle that allows the rider closer contact with the horses back, is believed to have originated in Europe before coming to America.

At one point horses were the main source of transportation, integral to everyday life in trading, transportation, and even warfare., Today horseback riding is greatly popular as a racing sport, for its therapeutic properties, and general exercise. Many people enjoy horseback riding simply because of the emotional and spiritual connection they feel with these massive, majestic creatures.

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