Home Décor Trends to Ditch

Sure, while you may not still have an inflatable chair in your home, that does not mean you have never fallen victim to sticking to an outdated home trend – check out this list to make sure that you never do either.

Bare Windows. With the recent trend of bare windows becoming popular throughout the past two years, the time has come to ditch the overly minimalistic look – not only does it completely take away any privacy, but it also negates any personality and homey feel that you might have created in your home. Instead, swap out your naked windows for a simple window curtain in a neutral color, like this one below that will at least provide your home with a little privacy.

Shep Decor 1

No Color. While neutral colors never go out of style and go with everything, recently homes laden with classic colors have been making a comeback. Blue is especially making a return this summer – in every shade from sky, indigo, to teal. Nervous about adding too much color to your home? Then start with some accent pillows to incorporate some pops of blue into your home.

Shep Decor 2

Empty Walls. Once again, the minimalistic look of the previous years are out; adding a gallery wall into the interior design mix of your home will instantly personalize your home. Hang up art, photos of your family and frames to create the perfect Gallery Wall.

Shep Decor 3

Statement Rug. Don’t forget to give the floor of your home some attention too! By incorporating a rug to your room, it will tie everything together as well as make it much cozier. Investing in a great statement rug helps bring the interior design of your home to the next level – as well as make it look more high-end and well decorated.

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