Home Décor—Western Home Style Tips from The Pros

Western style is all about incorporating comfort and character into your home, and there are many décor variations you can add to take your country theme to another level. You can dress up your home with traditional western themes while still maintaining a modern feel. Transforming your home is easy with the help from the Pros—Sheplers, and your cowboy home décor visions will come true by following these simple western home style tips.

Western Colorswestern-home-sheplers

Western style is generally characterized by earth-tone colors giving each room warm and cozy vibe. We suggest you design your rooms with cactus greensand desert-tone neutral colors to add country charm. If you want to take it a step further, you can add a pop of turquoise that will brighten the room. Turquoise is a staple western color you may want to consider.

Country Accents

Complement any room by adding western style accents such as pottery and painted ceramic pieces. These smaller items bring so much character to your home and they are easy to get your hands on yourself. You can make your décor options affordable by hand painting western themed tiles to go on your kitchen countertops. Consider adding western wall art, such as wooden signs to your rooms to bring the whole look together.


Your furniture is a big indicator of the overall theme in your home and there are many western style furniture options to consider. Leather and wooden furniture pieces are perfect examples of the modern western look. Look for distressed accents on these pieces for an authentic feel. You also want to think about comfort when purchasing western furniture.

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