Horseback Riding Games



The thought of trusting a 2,000-pound animal can be intimidating to inexperienced horseback riders. Participating in horseback riding games can help riders to become familiar with their horses, develop skills, and calm any fears associated with riding such large animals. Sheplers western wear store recommends seasoned riders help newcomers work on these horseback riding games as a fun exercise mechanism for the horse, and a skill development strategy.

Around the World

While a seasoned instructor holds the horse still, the rider will attempt to slowly rotate their bodies around on the horse, eventually facing sideways then backwards. This game is beneficial for teaching riders to maintain balance without using their hands or feet.


Decide on two endpoints using a tree, fence, or other marker, then see who can make it to the finish line the fastest. Just make sure you’re racing in a safe area free of traffic!

“Walk, Trot, Canter”

Like the famous childhood game Red Light Green Light, “Walk, Trot, Canter” requires riders to signal their horses to walk slowly, or speed up the pace with a trot or canter. The instructor calling the game can signal for the rider to make their horse suddenly stop, which is a necessary skill in horseback riding.

Beginners Polo

This horseback riding game is more for fun and exercise. Riders imitate a traditional polo match by attempting to drive a ball into the opposing team’s goal, while on horseback.

Main and Tail Braiding contests

For the younger children, a mane and tail braiding contest is a great way to get them familiar with how to approach a horse, and the correct position to stand near a horse for safety.

For development in comfort, balance, and skill, try these horseback riding games from Sheplers western wear.

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