Horseback Riding Gear for Beginners

Whoa, Nelly! Don’t horse around when it comes to getting best riding gear. Sheplers wants you to be prepared when you saddle up for your first ride. Take it from our team, you’ll enjoy the experience a lot better with the appropriate equipment.


Protecting your noggin is the most important part of getting prepped. Sheplers sells the best certified helmets to keep you safe whether you are going for a beginner ride or an experienced one. We offer suede and matte polycarbonate helmets as well as high quality plastic helmets for beginners. The Troxel Black Liberty Riding Helmet is a great choice for those taking their first rides.

Troxel Black Liberty Riding Helmet for beginner riders


The boots you need for your ride depend on whether you are riding western style or English style. Western style riders typically wear cowboy boots (or cowgirl boots) when they ride. English style riders invest in paddock boots for training and field boots for showing. Sheplers has a wide variety of men’s western wear and women’s western wear, including equestrian boots.

Women’s western wear- equestrian paddock boots and field boots

Breeches, Pants and Chaps

If you are riding western style, Wrangler jeans should do the trick for your first ride. If you are riding English style, breeches are the way to go. Breeches fit to your body and are made from cotton and spandex to help with fit and keep you from sliding around the saddle. Sheplers offers a wide variety of breeches for riders of all experience levels. The Ariat Women’s Heritage Knee Patch Side Zip Breeches will work great for women while the Ovation Men’s Euroweave Knee Patch Breeches are a great fit for men taking on riding for the first time.

breeches for womenbreeches for men


Chaps are a unisex product that work for beginning men and women. There are full chaps that go all the way from the waste to the ankles and then half chaps that go up to the knee. They give you more grip on the saddle and keep your legs dry from the sweat from the horse. The fit is important to ensure your ride is comfortable. Sheplers has the options you need to ensure you find the chaps that work for you.

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