How Cowboys Keep Warm in the Winter

Even though they might not admit it, even cowboys get cold every once in a while. And since there are still a couple of months left of winter, now is the perfect time to make sure that you don’t have to shiver your way into spring.

So, how do cowboys keep warm in the winter? The key to keeping warm in the winter is layering.

Never underestimate the power of layering; during the cold weather months, it is your best friend. In order to layer most effectively so you don’t freeze when you are working outside in your Sheplers cowboy boots, make sure to have:


A Base Layer

The base layer acts to provide the first layer of insulation and to get rid of any moisture. This Carhartt moisture-wicking thermal undershirt will do wonders for keeping you warm all day and night long.

Shep Layers 1


An Insulating Layer

This layer is responsible for trapping heat, and is usually made from fleece or wool. This Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man Grid II Jacket will be the only insulating layer you ever need.

Shep Layers 2


The Outer Protection Layer

This layer is meant to stop wind and to trap air, and should be water proof – any of these jackets from Sheplers will help you forget that it is even winter outside!

Shep Layers 3

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