How Not to Dress Your Kids for Labor Day

With Labor Day right around the corner, chances are that you have been invited to plenty of barbecues in order to celebrate the big day. Since school will have already started for most kids, chances are that they will have their fair share of new back-to-school clothes that you already bought for them from Sheplers. In order to not dirty up their nice new school clothes, check out this list from Sheplers for avoiding unwanted clothing messes and mishaps.


Even though this is technically the last day to wear white, the same rules don’t always apply to kids. Since kids can usually get away with wearing white well into the New Year, save white clothing for occasions other than barbecues. Think about it, do you really want to be worrying about them spilling ketchup on their brand new clothes the entire duration of the barbecue? Besides, this is the time for your kids to run around and have fun before the school year really hits the ground running.


Chances are that your kids will be at a barbecue where they will have plenty of activities for everyone to take part in outside, so make sure that they are able to run around and have as fun much as possible by dressing them in the safest (and not to mention cutest) shoes possible. Opt for a pair of cowboy boots that will allow your kids to play for hours on end, as well as make them the cutest dressed kids at the party.

Shep Kids L Day


Sure, sunscreen is always necessary when you are expecting to spend most of the day outdoors, but make sure that your kids don’t have their memories dampened of the fun they had by bringing home a sunburn. Let them pick out a cowboy hat from Sheplers that they will not want to take off the whole time that they are there.

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