How Sheplers Does Halloween

Instead of buying a Halloween costume this year that you will only end up wearing once and then tossing it aside for the other 364 days out of the year, why not try something different? After all, chances are that you already own something from Sheplers that you can easily transform into a Halloween costume.

Shep Costume

Johnny Cash. If you have a pair of black jeans, then pair them with this button down black country shirt from Sheplers and watch how you magically transform into the country legend himself. Bonus points if you have a guitar to carry around with you for the evening!

Cowboy. While this might not be a groundbreaking original idea, it is a great way to put your favorite cowboy boots to good use! Simply pair a flannel shirt with your favorite pair of jeans from Sheplers and tops it off with a cowboy hat and a pair a cowboy boots.

Brawny Man. We have all seen the iconic man on the front of the Brawny paper towels. Clad with his signature red flannel shirt, make sure to carry a roll of the paper towels around with you all night so people can compare your likeness to him!

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