How to Break In your New Pair of Cowboy Boots

The excitement of a new pair of cowboy boots often wears off when it comes time to breaking them in. Your feet will experience discomfort before the material of the boots shapes to your feet and it’s simply no fun to wear your cowboy boots before breaking them in. However, there are tips and tricks you can follow to quickly break in new cowboy boots and Sheplers western wear is here to give your feet a break. A genuine pair of nice cowboy boots are definitely worth the investment once they fit perfectly!

Break in your Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boot Stretchers

Boot stretchers are made specifically for western cowboy boots and they relieve foot pain by providing more room for your foot in the boot. They can be manually adjusted to stretch the material of the boot and they should be used with cation. Once you stretch a material such as genuine leather, it will conform to your feet and you can’t adjust after that.

Cowboy Boot Stretch Spray

Stretch spray relieves tightness and allows for a roomier fit for your new cowboy boots. This spray is an inexpensive and easy way to speed up the process of breaking in your boots. Sheplers recommends that you carefully read the label on the spray to make sure it can be used on the material of your boots. This spray can ultimately ruin the leather of your boots if not properly used.

Once your cowboy boots are fully formed to your feet, you are ready to wear them wherever you go! Your feet will be comfortable and the excitement of a new pair of shoes will suddenly come back. Visit Sheplers Western Wear for a wide variety of authentic cowboy boots.


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