How to Break in Cowboy Boots

walking in cowboy boots to break them in

Nothing is worse than getting blisters on your feet from boots that haven’t been properly broken in. This can throw off your day and make for an extremely uncomfortable situation that can dissuade you from wearing your cowboy boots again. Luckily, our western wear experts can demonstrate how to break in cowboy boots so that you can prevent blisters and rock those kicks. After all, you can’t go to a rodeo or dance at your favorite country concert with blisters on your feet.

Pick the Right Pair of Boots

Start off on the right foot with the right pair of boots. You don’t want anything too tight or too loose, so the rule of thumb with cowboy boots is to focus on the pinky and the big toe. How close are those to the sides of the boot? Cowboy boots have pointed toes, which can make them fit more snug than you prefer. Comfortable cowboy boots should have enough room to fit your feet with socks on to prevent blisters. There is a big difference between the square toe, round toe, and pointed toe cowboy boots. Each style will fit your foot differently and will play a big role in how you are supposed to break in cowboy boots once you buy them.

Break ‘Em In

If you have never worn cowboy boots before, there are a few tricks that all cowboys and cowgirls use to break in cowboy boots and make them fit the way they want to quickly.

Wearing Your Boots

The first tip to break in cowboy boots is actually the easiest – walk around in them…a lot. You can walk around your house for a couple of hours to stretch your boots out before you actually wear them out on the town for the first time. Walk up the stairs, walk down the stairs, you can even wear your cowboy boots to get the mail. The longer you walk around int hem in the comfort of your own home, the more they will stretch just enough and mold around your feet for optimal comfort.

Soften Boot Leather with Bug Spray

This tip might seem odd, but leather cowboy boots can be tough to break in so you need to soften cowboy boots. A bug spray with no harsh chemicals is a great way to soften the leather and make it more comfortable to walk in. If you don’t want to use any chemicals at all, you can try another method with water. The submersion method involves soaking your cowboy boots, but it can be a tricky situation that we only recommend using as a last resort.

Have Your Cowboy Boots Professionally Stretched

Still having issues breaking in cowboy boots? Take them to a professional who will stretch them; just keep in mind that this way comes at a cost. If you’re not comfortable stretching out your cowboy boots, it’s best to leave it to a professional because you could end up ruining your boots.

How to Deal with Blisters

Now that you know a few different ways to break in your cowboy boots, hopefully, you will skip that whole blister stage. However, if you do have blisters, they can be difficult to deal with. The best way to recover from boot blisters is to get blister bandages or extra-tough Band-Aids. Never try to pop or squeeze a blister because the fluid inside is what’s protecting the new skin while it grows. It’s important to keep your feet clean and dry in general, but especially when you’re dealing with blisters.


Post Updated: November 19, 2019

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