How to Break in Work Boots



Once you’re equipped with a pair of Sheplers Western work boots, you’re going to want to wear them on the job site every day, for maximum style and comfort. However, it’s important to soften or “break in” your new work boots before you wear them, to avoid blistering or discomfort. This is normal with all kinds of boots, so we have an easy guide to help you break in work boots quickly.


  1. Crush the heels. The heels are the stiffest part of the boot. Try crushing them up with your hands to soften the heel and make it fit easier around the foot. This won’t ruin them, it will help break them in faster.
  2. Wear thick socks. This helps to expand the boot to the proper fit, and help you to avoid any chafing on your foot.
  3. Use hot water. Immerse your boots in hot water for about thirty minutes, then put on some socks and put the boots on. As the leather cools, it will take the shape and size of your foot easier.
  4. Try insoles. Insoles add an extra cushioning in your boot that will bring an extra level of comfort and support to your feet throughout the work day.
  5. Stuff your boots. When you aren’t wearing your new work boots, try stuffing them with clothing that will help them to acquire additional space until your next use.
  6. Boot conditioner or boot stretch spray are also helpful for softening the leather of your new work boots and allowing for extra space.


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