How to Break in Your American Cowboy Boots

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No western wear outfit is complete without some American cowboy boots. So, when you find a pair of boots you like, you want to make sure that they also fit well. At Sheplers, we are the first to admit that it can be tough to break in your new American cowboy boots. Luckily, we have plenty of tips and tricks to make sure that your feet stay comfortable all day long.

Breaking in Your American Cowboy Boots

Whether you have men’s work boots or women’s riding boots, you will want to break in your American cowboy boots so that you are ready for any activity that comes your way. There are a few ways to approach this process, so you will have to decide what technique you want to try. Follow our guide for how to break in your American cowboy boots so that your feet can look and feel good.

infographic on breaking in bootsWalking

The simplest way to break in your boots is to do it the old fashion way.

Walking around in them will gradually mold your American cowboy boots to the shape of your feet. The biggest downfall to this approach is that this can be painful for your feet. Unless you want to come home with aching feet, try breaking your cowboy boots in by walking around the house first. Do short periods of time in order to avoid blisters or foot pain.

Heating You American Cowboy Boots

Never underestimate the power of steam heat to break in your American cowboy boots. The trick to using heat to mold your new American cowboy boots to your feet is to not dry out the leather in the process. Protect your new boots by steaming them until the leather is flexible. Slip them on until they cool down and prepare to be amazed at how your boots immediately feel like you have been wearing them for years!

Stretching Your American Cowboy Boots

If you don’t have the time or patience to break in your boots yourself, then let the professionals handle the work for you. Professional boot cobblers can stretch the leather in your boots where you need it instantly, giving you plenty more time to fully enjoy your new American cowboy boots.

Now that you know how to break in your American cowboy boots, you may also want to learn how to soften cowboy boots and how to shrink cowboy boots.  Whether you are looking for cowboy boots for men that last or a trendy pair of boots to match your other western style clothes, you want to make sure your cowboy boots have the best fit.

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