How to Buy Cowboy Boots Online: Tips from the Experts

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Whether you are browsing our expansive selection of men’s work boots or checking out our women’s riding boots, when you find a pair you like you want to make sure that they will fit. At Sheplers Western Wear, we understand that incorrectly guessing your size and then having to exchange boots for a different size is tedious and time consuming. To try and prevent this from happening, our online boot store has compiled a list of a few tips to help you determine your cowboy boot size.

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What’s My Boot Size? Is There A Cowboy Boot Size Chart?

There is no perfect cowboy boot size chart out there, but there are few factors to take in account when you are trying to determine your cowboy boot size. Our full boot fit guide will give you a more detailed idea, but here are a few quick tips.

1. In general, start with your normal shoe size. If you are in between sizes or one foot is bigger than the other, go with the larger size.

2. Do not forget about socks. We recommend wearing socks with your boots so take this into account when picking sizes. Thick winter socks to wear under your work boots could add a half size to your foot.

3. Take the width into account. A person with a narrow foot will take a smaller size than someone with a wide foot. Some boots will specify these differences in the sizes.

4. Consider the brand. Not surprisingly, brands can differ in size. For example, Tony Lama boots can be a bit narrow. The company may even have a cowboy boot size chart for their brand. If you already have a cowboy boot pair that fits well, this does not mean this size will be the best fit for every brand. In contrast, if you are buying the same brand as the pair that fits you well, then buying the same size is a good option.

5. Look at the reviews from people who have bought the pair of boots you are interested in. They may give you insight into whether the shoes are true to size or if they tend to run smaller or larger than normal.

Other Cowboy Boot Fit Guides

Cowboy boot sizes can be trickier to determine than other types of shoes. Keep in mind that cowboy boots may not fit perfectly when you first buy them, but our other boot fit guides may be able to help them feel snug and more comfortable.

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