How to Choose the Perfect Cowboy Boots

When it comes to finding a new pair of authentic cowboy boots there are a lot of components you should consider before making your final purchase. After all, genuine cowboy boots are an investment that will last you a long time. While a new pair can be a bit pricey, your cowboy boots are a true testament to your western roots and Sheplers can guarantee that you will absolutely love this purchase. Follow this guide for how to choose the perfect pair of cowboy boots.

men's plain brown cowboy boots

Cowboy Boots Style

The first thing you should consider before buying your next pair of cowboy boots is the overall style you’re going for. Everyone is different, and their style preferences vary, and cowboy boots can come in a wide variety of styles. For example, are you looking for a dressier style or more casual? A vintage pair of cowboy boots are perfect for the more traditional cowboy, and there are more comfortable styles for those who are looking to protect their feet and provide support.

Cowboy Boots Material

Now that you have a firm grasp on the style preference of cowboy boots, you should think about the kind of material you want. Genuine cowboy boots come in many different materials and you may have a preference to the type of leather that the boots are made of. For example, authentic cowboy boots can be handcrafted from ostrich leather, alligator skin, or even hippo leather. This can also be a style preference and it’s important to understand that all genuine leather cowboy boots will be more pricey than other styles such as suede cowboy boots.

Cowboy Boots Toe Shape

The toe-shape of cowboy boots should also be a contributing factor before you make your purchase. You can find cowboy boots with a round toe shape, a square toe, a snip toe, and a pointy toe shape. The shape of your cowboy boots will be unique to your style. With Sheplers, you can find the perfect pair that you will love.

Once you have gone through this guide and you know exactly what you are looking for, visit Sheplers Western Wear for the perfect pair of cowboy boots that match your style.


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