How to Choose the Right Cowboy Hat For Your Face

Stetson 10X Grant Straw Cowboy Hat

Truth is, anyone can rock a cowboy hat. Even if you aren’t sure how to pick the right cowboy hat for you, our western wear experts will help you through this process.  All you need to do is consider the facts we’ve outlined here to help you when it comes to picking the right cowboy hat for your face.

Is it for Style or Functionality?

Before you choose the right cowboy hat for your face, you should consider whether you are looking for a stylish cowboy hat or a more functional cowboy hat. Are you looking for a cowboy hat to go with your next country concert outfit or are you looking for a daily staple to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe?

Style: Pick a cowboy hat that complements your wardrobe. Black generally matches pretty much everything, but a classic brown or tan cowboy hat is a staple in any western wardrobe. Your cowboy hat should also reflect your personality. Have fun with some of the details featured on your cowboy hat. The Bullhide Black Feather Dance 4X Felt Hat features a colorful band and a feather that adds a touch of panache. For women, the pop of turquoise in the Bullhide Cascade Range Leather Outback Hat is a beautiful detail that will elevate your outfit.

Function: If you are picking the cowboy hat for functional reasons, you don’t want your hat to blow off in the wind while you are working on the ranch. When it comes to functionality and picking the right cowboy hat for your face, you want the hat to sit firmly on your head and protect it from wind, sun, and even a little rain. For a long-lasting, all-weather cowboy hat, nothing beats a felt blend of beaver or even rabbit fur, such as the Bullhide Men’s Big Boss 8X Beaver Fur Blend Cowboy Hat.

Face Shape

Now that you know what purpose your cowboy hat is going to serve, the next step in this process is understanding the shape and size of your face. You want to choose the right cowboy hat for your face. Some cowboy hats are meant for elongated faces while more oval faces look better in other styles. Take a look in the mirror to determine the shape of your face and measure your head.

Thin – Elongated: A cowboy hat with a medium height crown best suits faces that are longer. A crown that’s too short or too tall will make your face look more elongated. Check out our selection of Stetson cowboy hats and choose the right cowboy hat for your face.

Larger – Oval: If you have a more oval, wider head, the right cowboy hat for your face is one with a medium brim. A smaller brim will make your face look larger. The Resistol cowboy hats we have available are sure to complement your face and your outfit.


In the end, the right cowboy hat for your face is the one that is best styled and rocked with confidence. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. Who knows, maybe a cowboy hat will be your next big thing!


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