How to Clean Cowboy Boots: Exotic Leather

For the most serious cowboys, exotic skin boots are their most prized possession – and we don’t blame them.

Handcrafted from the highest quality of rare leather, here at Sheplers, we have everything from alligator, crocodile, kangaroo, lizard, ostrich, shark skin, and snakeskin boots. We’re willing to bet that once you get your feet into a pair of one of our exotic skin boots, you are going to want to do whatever you can to make sure you keep them there.

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One of the best ways to ensure your exotic leather boots stand the test of time is to know the right way to take care of them. Use this guide from Sheplers on the do’s and don’ts of how to clean cowboy boots, and you will be able to wear your exotic skin boots for years to come.

  1. Using products intended for mammal leather, clean boots with an exotic leather cleaner. After removing dirt with a brush, insert a cowboy boot tree to keep them in their original shape while they dry.
  2. Once dry, use an exotic leather conditioner and a boot brush to gently remove all dirt. When it comes to how to clean cowboy boots, you don’t want to use a shoe shine cloth because it could make the scales come off. Use a wool dauber instead, and apply it as carefully as possible.
  3. If you plan on wearing your exotic skin boots rain or shine, weatherproof them with a product specifically designed for exotic leather.

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