How to Clean Your Men’s Western Shirts at Home

cleaning western shirts

Whether you’re too busy to make it to the professional cleaners or simply don’t feel like spending the money to send your clothes to the dry cleaner, just like your shirts, Sheplers has your back. Below are a few easy tips and suggestions on how to clean your men’s western shirts right at home.

First, it’s important to remember to only wash your shirts when they’re dirty. Oftentimes, you’ll try on two, three, four or more shirts before finding the perfect one to complete your outfit. Throwing your shirts on the floor after taking them off don’t constitute as dirty. Save yourself the wash to lengthen the lifespan of your men’s western shirts.

  1. Find a good detergent, and use less of it. This may seem obvious, but buying the wrong laundry detergent could ruin your clothes. You’ll need to find something gentle and powerful, and avoid using an entire capful. Unless you’re rolling around in the mud in your nice dress shirts, it’s unnecessary to put your clothes through all the excess washes.
  2. Use a newer washing machine, and choose the right cycle. The delicate cycle on a washing machine uses cold water and light agitation to gently clean away any dirt that may be on your shirts. If you’re unsure of which cycle to use for your men’s western shirts, always double check the label.
  3. Hang dry your shirts. Nothing damages nice, delicate clothing like the dryer does. Hang drying your shirts will make them last longer, as well as help them to maintain their shape. The professionals at Sheplers also suggest using plastic hangers, as opposed to wood hangers, to hang dry your men’s western wear.

Never forget to read the label when it comes to the care of a western garment. Your clothes are guaranteed to last longer when you take care of them.

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