How to Decorate your Kitchen with Southern Charm

If you are about to move into a new home or you are simply renovating some rooms in your current home, you will need to think about the overall feel and theme you want when decorating. You don’t have to live in the South for southern charm and you can completely transform your home with western style and character. When it comes to your kitchen, there are many ways to incorporate a southwestern vibe and Sheplers Western Wear shares with you how to transform and decorate your kitchen with southern charm using these elements.


Neutral Color Pallet

The kitchen should be a comforting and warm space and luckily, this goes hand in hand with western style. We suggest that you go with neutral color tones for the cabinets in your kitchen such as whites and beiges. The walls should be neutral so that you can incorporate western elements with your kitchenware and appliances. Stray away from the more modern approach with granite counter tops and stick to either off-white or wood counters. The color pallet of the room can completely give off the overall feel and style.


Western Accessories

You can add a lot of western flair by incorporating small elements into your kitchen with dinnerware and other various kitchen appliances. Add a pop of color and character with this HiEnd Accents Savannah Turquoise Dinnerware Set from Sheplers. Turquoise accents in any room automatically adds western style and this is an easy way to quickly transform your kitchen. Another western kitchen accessory you can utilize is western printed table placemats. DIY mason jars make for great center pieces and add character and charm wherever you place them in your kitchen.

HiEnd Accents Savannah Turquoise Dinnerware Set

By utilizing these decorating ideas into your newly-designed kitchen, you can make this room feel welcoming with western style. Visit Sheplers for more decorating inspiration on how to decorate your kitchen with southern charm.

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