How to Give Your Porch a Western Facelift

Perhaps one of the biggest staples of summers spent in the south is the front porch. Not only is it the first thing that introduces your house to your guests, but it the easiest way to make everyone that you invite to your home feel warm and welcome. Take some of these tips from Sheplers on how to give your porch a western facelift.

Shep County Makeover

Pick Your Flair

In order to personalize your front porch and give it a homey feel, pick what kind of flair you want to add to your front porch and go for it! Sheplers has some great outside decorations, such as this western mailbox below, that will immediately add that missing touch of western charm you have been looking for.

Outside the Box

Try something that most people don’t do when it comes to decorating your porch – add a western themed rug to your porch! It will instantly add a comfy vibe that will make your guests want to stay for hours on end.

Fresh Flowers

Not only will this add curb appeal to your front porch, but a touch of fresh flowers will add an element of color and interest to your front porch. After all, nothing says “honey, I’m home!” like a freshly picked pot of flowers on your doorstep.

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