How to Keep Your Head Warm for the Rest of Winter

Did you know that the majority of your body heat escapes through your feet and head? If you didn’t already know that, prepare for the rest of your winter to get a lot cozier!

With so many options of how to keep your head warm, you will be wondering why your hat collection has been so lonely for so long. Luckily, Sheplers has plenty of options when it comes to keeping your head warm for the rest of winter. But be careful, you may want to stock up on these in every color!

Never lose precious body heat again with one of these hats from Sheplers:

The Beanie. Doubling as a head warmer and disguise for a bad hair day, this Mountain Hardwear Women’s Two Poms Beanie is easy to throw on and won’t go out of style.

Shep Head Warm 1


The Cowgirl Hat. Always a classic, if you do not already own a Sheplers cowgirl hat, then shame on you! Make up for years of missing out on the wonders of wearing a cowgirl hat during winter with this Bullhide Cascade Range Leather Outback Hat.

Shep Head Warm 2


The Flap Cap. With an option to fold down the ear flaps for extra warmth, you will also get plenty of protection from the sun with this flap cap from Sheplers.

Shep Head Warm 3

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