How to Look Like A Cowgirl


Whether you want to try out the Daisy Duke look, or you already live and breathe the county lifestyle, you want to know how to look like a cowgirl and obviously look fashionable doing it. Every stylish cowgirl needs a wardrobe stacked with cute western wear. At Sheplers, we have a wide selection of fashionable western style clothes, accessories, and cowboy boots to help fill out your closet.

women's western flowy top
Flying Tomato Women’s Mixed Boho Surplace Ruffle Printed Long Sleeve Top


Western Wear Outfits

Not surprisingly, women’s western wear has a variety of fashionable options to create your perfect cowgirl look no matter the season or the occasion. If you want the traditional cowgirl aesthetic, a pair of Wrangler jeans and a flannel top can do the trick. This look is great for a bonfire or even just running errands. The Flying Tomato Women’s Mixed Boho Surplace Ruffle Printed Long Sleeve Top can dress up this causal look with its flowy country flair. Want to get even fancier or searching for cowgirl fashions for date night? Try a country style dress instead. Western wear dresses are cute without being over the top fancy.

Good fashion doesn’t have to end when autumn comes around or leave you freezing in the thick of winter. When the cold weather hits, look for the best western winter wear for women. The right jacket will not only keep you warm, but also add to your outfit. You can choose from jean jackets, leather jackets, fringe jackets, and more.

Western Wear Accessories

Every girl knows that having the right accessories can really make your outfit even better. Throw on a cowboy hat, a pretty belt with a great belt buckle, and one of our women’s fringe handbags to take your attire to the next level. You can even accessorize with statement country jewelry to make your outfit pop. A big necklace could be the difference between a mediocre dress and a fashion-forward outfit.

Finally, complete your cowgirl look with a cute, fashionable pair of cowboy boots. Luckily, cowboy boots for women come in a variety of styles, designs, and materials to fit your ideal pair. We have everything from women’s riding boots to women’s snow boots. Start with one good pair and work your way to a closet full of fashion-forward cowboy boots to match every outfit. The possibilities are endless.

Now that you know what you are looking for, you can get started on creating a western wear wardrobe that will impress even your most fashionable friends.


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