How to Look Like A Cowboy

cowboy in the woods

Whether you are just looking for a taste of western wear or you are all about the western lifestyle, you want to know how to look like a proper cowboy. The best way to look like a cowboy is to find the right western style clothes. As a western store online, we have all the western wear you need to achieve the cowboy aesthetic.

Western Wear Shirts

How to look like a cowboy
Cody James Men’s Ya Herd Cow Graphic T-Shirt

Start with the right shirt. Denim, plaid, and flannel long sleeve shirts are traditional men’s western style clothes, but there are plenty of other options. You can switch it up with a short sleeve print shirt or a fun t-shirt like the Cody James Men’s Ya Herd Cow Graphic T-Shirt.

Western Wear Bottoms

Jeans are always a good choice; they are western wear staples in any closet. Wrangler jeans and Levi’s jeans are both popular brands. It’s up to you to decide what brand, style, and fit you prefer.

Western Wear Accessories

No cowboy outfit is complete without a pair of nice cowboy boots for men to complete your look. Whether you go for men’s work boots or the classic cowboy boots for men, good boots are a must. You can throw on a belt with a big belt buckle to make a statement or choose a belt with smaller details for good measure. Top it off (literally) with a classic cowboy hat of your choosing and you are ready to hit the town.

Whether you are looking for a few unique western cowboy clothing pieces to add to your closet or are ready for a whole new western wear wardrobe, at Sheplers we have you covered.

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