How to Make a Cowboy Boot Purse


If you love your women’s western wear and want to repurpose your favorite cowboy boots, you are in the right place! Sheplers is here to tell you how to recycle your old cowboys to create a cowboy boot purse in just a few steps!

You will need:

Old, worn, women’s western wear cowboy boots
Measuring tape
Upholstery needles
Leather punch
Waxed polyester thread
Beads are optional


  1. Measure a 12-inch mark from the top of your cowboy boots to begin making your cowboy boot purse. Use the trimmers to cut off the tops at that mark.
  2. Turn your boot top inside out.
  3. Punch holes into the boot leather for sewing. Punch the holes through both sides of the bottom of the boot top, right near the line where you cut. Space the holes about ½ an inch apart. You can also punch holes in the bottom or the trim so the holes match up.
  4. Thread the needle with at least 2 feet of waxed thread, using an overhand stitch. Keep the thread smooth, and avoid pulling the thread too tight.
  5. Here you can sew the fringe on your cowboy boot purse, if you wish. Hold the trim in place while sewing. At the end, tie two threads together to secure a knot.
  6. Turn your boot top right side out, and punch 2 holes where the boot slopes, in the center. You can stitch a button and loop here if you like.

Sheplers, your women’s western wear store, wishes you all the best in creating your new cowboy boot purse!

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