How to Prevent Ruining Your Cowboy Boots in the Winter

At Sheplers, we know that cowboy boots can be expensive, and the best way to ensure that your boots don’t get ruined this winter is by preparing them for the cold season! The professionals at Sheplers western wear work with boots day in and day out, and we know the best way to treat and protect your cowboy boots in the winter.


There are so many commercial products available that will help keep your leather cowboy boots safe this winter. The first place to start is with a protective treatment. Protective treatments range from sprays, conditioners, and oil. These products all do relatively the same thing, and it just comes down to personal preference. These sprays restore water and stain repellency while also protecting against stains that might be caused by salt and oil.


Once you decide on a method of choice for protecting your cowboy boots in the winter, you need to make sure you clean them first. The salt that is used to melt snow on the sidewalks is dangerous for boots because it can stain and damage leather while also causing any metallic accents or zippers to rust. The easiest way to clean boots is with saddle soap. Saddle soap will soften and condition the leather prepping the cowboy boots to be ready for any conditioner, spray, or oil.


Since leather is almost like the human skin, it needs moisture in the winter! In order to survive the winter, your cowboy boots should be regularly conditioned to keep them from cracking while also making them more resistant to water. If you’re in the market for more serious waterproofing, you should look for sprays. Spray should also be applied about once a week because just spraying your cowboy boots one time at the beginning of the season is not enough.


Use the above tips from Sheplers western wear to protect your cowboy boots in the winter. If you need a new pair of cowboy boots, visit one of the best western stores online here.

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