How to Shrink Cowboy Boots

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You finally have the perfect men’s cowboy boots, your favorite pair that you wear all the time. Except it’s been a while since the last time you wore them and you realize something about them just doesn’t feel quite right and they don’t fit as snug as you’d like them to. Cowboy boots are an investment and getting rid of them just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. Quality cowboy boots such as Ariat men’s boots and Ariat women’s boots are made of leather, which means that not only are your boots durable, but they are also susceptible to a bit of loosening. Over time, you may find that your leather boots begin to soften and stretch. But where there’s a will, there’s a way to get your boots to fit again. If you don’t know how to shrink cowboy boots, you’re in luck. Our pros share this convenient three-step process to shrink your cowboy boots.

*Please Note: this method that should only be used as a last resort, with caution, if your cowboy boots have been properly maintained previously.*

Steps to Shrinking Your Cowboy Boots

1. Fill a Bucket with Warm Water

The first step to shrink your cowboy boots requires a bucket and warm water. Fill your bucket with warm water and completely submerge your cowboy boots. You want to leave your cowboy boots to soak for one hour in order to ensure they completely absorb the water. At the same time, soak a pair of socks you would normally wear with the boots until they are completely wet.

2. Wear the Wet Cowboy Boots with Wet Socks

When the hour has passed, put the wet socks on followed by the wet boots. While it might be tough to get the boots on, not to mention the unpleasant squelching, this is the best way to shrink cowboy boots to the size you like.

3. Wait for Cowboy Boots to Dry

Continue to wear your wet boots and socks until they’re totally dry. While this is likely really uncomfortable, it is an imperative step. As the leather dries, your cowboy boots will shrink to the shape of your feet. The wet socks help with the tightening of the leather, so make sure you don’t skip this step. Wearing the wet socks will also allow the boots to dry with enough wiggle room to wear socks with your cowboy boots as you would normally once the whole process is complete.

Can You Shrink Cowboy Boots?

How to shrink cowboy boots. 1. fill a bucket with warm water and submerge cowboy boots - soak for one hour. 2. wear wet cowboy boot with wet socks 3. wait for cowboy boots to dry. please note this method should be used as a last resort with caution, if your cowboy boots have been properly maintained previously

The answer is yes! If you didn’t know how to shrink cowboy boots before, you do now. This three-step method to shrink cowboy boots will leave you with a comfortable cowboy boot that fits properly once again. Now that you know how to shrink cowboy boots, you’ll end up with the perfect fit. Still confused about how to transform those uncomfortable blister makers into a perfect fitting shoe? Our boot fit guide can help you determine what your boots need in order to get that nice, snug fit.

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