How to Take Care of Your Down Jacket from Sheplers

Would any of us get through the winter without our warm down jacket from Sheplers? Of course we wouldn’t, which is why taking proper care of our favorite winter jacket is so important.

After all of those seasons with freezing temperatures on chairlift rides, the least you could do for your favorite jacket is to take care of it as much as it takes care of you. Without properly caring for it, your down jacket from Sheplers will begin to lose its insulation, thus giving it a lumpy look. Not to mention, it will not smell too great either.

In order to make sure that your puffy jacket lasts as long as you need it, use these simple tips on how to take care of your down jacket from Sheplers.

Shep Down Jacket

Patch it up. Since the exterior of your down jacket is not that thick, it will most likely get snagged on a tree branch or car door and begin to leak feathers. Luckily, you do not need to buy a whole new one. Instead, use fabric glue from your local crafts store to patch it. This will last much longer than duct tape, and will not create new holes like trying to sew it does.

Fluff it up. While it may be tempting to store your down jacket in the stuff sack it came with – don’t. This will only make the feathers clump together, thus making insulation patchy with cold spots in between. Let your jacket hang free when storing it in order to maximize the cozy factor.

Clean it up. Washing your down jacket is completely fine, but make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. To be safe, it is recommended to hand wash your puffy jacket from Sheplers with mild soap, and then toss it in the dryer with a tennis ball to re-fluff it.

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