How to Tell When it is Time to Replace Your Jeans

Jeans are in season throughout the year. Whether it’s a hot summer day in the field or a cool autumn evening, jeans never go out of style. And while jeans become more distinct and gain character as time wears on, there is, as with everything, a tipping point. Even the most rugged pair of jeans will reach their breaking point.

If you’re a fashionista, it’s important to consider when to replace jeans with a brand new pair of jeans from our Sheplers western wear line. Let’s take a closer look at when to replace your jeans and move on to a new pair.

The Jeans Have Worn Out Their Welcome

It can be hard to move on from a perfect-fitting pair of jeans. But when they’re discolored and distressed in all the wrong places, it’s a sign that it’s time to find a new pair of jeans. Think back to how the jeans looked when you initially bought them. If you can find flaws in them now that are problematic, it’s time to bite the bullet and 

You’ve Grown Out of Your Pair

If you begin to notice your jeans becoming a little tighter, don’t immediately blame your bad diet. The washing machine is a revolution in convenience, but it certainly contains drawbacks. A couple of years of running your jeans through a washer can put their fit in peril. A good rule of thumb is whether or not you can see your ankles while standing straight up in your jeans. When it feels like you are wearing capris instead of bootcut, it’s high time you check out our western wear store catalog at Sheplers.

No More Zip in the Zipper

If you can get your jeans on and off without undoing the zipper, then it means that they are worn out from years of use. Unfortunately, it also means that it is time to invest in another pair of jeans. You shouldn’t have to move on to a paperclip. If you’re too attached to a perfect-fitting pair of jeans that have a broken zipper, turn those into your gardening pants, and find yourself a better pair for casual dress.

It’s difficult to know when to replace jeans and say goodbye to years of a good fit. Here at Sheplers, your favorite western clothing store, you can find the latest trends for jeans and all other country fashion items. You are sure to find your next pair at Sheplers.

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