How to Throw a Cowboy Themed Kids Party

If your child’s birthday is coming up and you know that he or she appreciates and loves the outdoors, what better way to celebrate than with a cowboy and wild west themed birthday party with friends and family. Your little cowboy or cowgirl will have a blast hanging out at a ranch and participating in cowboy themed games and activities. Sheplers is here to share with you exactly how to throw an epic cowboy themed kids birthday party that will be sure to impress all who attend.



Planning any themed kids’ birthday party comes with a lot of preparation and that starts with decoration ideas. You will need to get your hands-on table cloths and place settings and there are many fun and cute western ideas that will have your party stand out. You can incorporate bandanas on the tables to wrap the silver ware in and you can also add mason jars filled with flowers as the center pieces of each table. Depending on where your party is located, you can add barrels of hay to get that barn-like and ranch feel. Sheplers suggests adding Wanted posters around the party with pictures of the kids in attendance. You can also find inexpensive cowboy hats to give out as party favors when the children arrive.


Games and Activities

What’s a kids’ birthday party without some fun and games? There are so many western inspired games that all kids will love, and you can incorporate as many as you like depending on your budget. Lasso tosses, rodeo rides, and horseback riding are classic cowboy activities and you can utilize all of these at your party on a less intense level for kids. You can also set up an area for the classic game of pin the tail on the donkey, which kids will have a blast participating in.


Sheplers suggests looking for a party venue that gives off a rustic vibe such as an old ranch or somewhere outdoors with a lot of space. We also have a variety of western wall decorations that you can put up around the party. We hope these suggestions will help you plan your next cowboy themed kids’ birthday party!




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