How to Tie a Denim Shirt

Looking for a way to add structure to a boxy garment, elongate your legs, or shorten a long waist?  Then you have come to the right place.

Little did you know, learning how to tie a denim shirt will allow you to create tons of new outfits that are perfect for summer country concerts, Fourth of July cookouts, and anytime you want to rock your American cowboy boots.  Learn what you have been missing out on with this guide from Sheplers on how to tie a denim shirt.

There are two ways to revamp a classic denim shirt:

  1. How to tie a denim shirt in the front: For an instant retro and casual effect, take the two fronts of a regular denim shirt and knot it at the waist, leaving the bottom of the tied ends unbuttoned.
  2. How to tie a denim shirt around your waist: This seems like a pretty easy thing to figure out; however, the trick is to figure out how to tie a denim shirt around your waist in the most flattering way possible. Some ways to do this are:
    • Make sure the denim shirt is completely unbuttoned before tying it; by leaving the shirt buttoned, you risk making your back area look bulky.
    • Hold the sleeves out to the side behind you so the collar is facing out, and then tie. That way, you avoid any weird bumps or wrinkles in the back.
    • When tying the sleeves, remember which sleeve went over first so when you tie it the second time, the other sleeve goes over first, giving you even hanging sleeves.

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