How to Wear a Bolo Tie

Now that the denim dress shirt has made a profound comeback, the bolo tie is slowly creeping up the fashion totem pole too. The bolo tie (also known as shoestring necktie) was first introduced as a simple way for men to bring their outfits together and add a little style and flair. The style soon became a Western wear trend, but has fallen to the wayside until recently. If you are looking to add a unique, yet traditional twist to your suits, dress shirts, or chambray shirt, bring this 1940s throwback to your 21st century apparel.bolo

When finding the right outfit to wear a bolo tie with, you do not want to overdo the Western look.  Bolo ties are a sort of statement piece in their own essence, so use them as either a simple addition to an already elaborate suit, or as more of a decorative piece to dress up a more casual look.

If you opt for a bolo tie in place of a regular tie, keep it simple so that it adds the right amount of class. Go for a bolo tie that has a flat silver jewelry piece and two solid black leather braids.

For more of a laid back, every day look, you can use the slider on your bolo tie to hang it lower on your neck, making it look more like a necklace against a simple shirt, jeans, and leather shoes.

Want to make your own bolo tie? Use attractive metal jewelry pieces, flat objects, or polished stones, and attach them to cords of leather and cordage stock for a simple bolo tie that you can wear on any occasion. Or you could visit Sheplers online or retail store in your area, and choose from a wide variety of classic bolo ties for the Western wear aficionado.

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