How Your Work Boots Should Fit

Work-Boot-FitWork boots are one of the most necessary tools for a safe and productive work site. By helping you avoid back pain, foot pain, knee pain, slips, bites, stings, and burns, you truly get your money’s worth when you have a quality pair of work boots.  Needless to say, the right fit is essential for comfort and security.

Here’s how to ensure your Sheplers work boots have the perfect fit for your job:

Always wear socks when trying on work boots – since you will wear socks on your job site, make sure you keep socks on when trying out different boots to account for the difference in size.

Try on both boots at the same time – since many people have slightly different sized feet, you’ll want to ensure your work boots are comfortable on each foot. Wiggle your toes to ensure enough room inside the shoe.

The boot should be snug on your foot – this is not to say the boots should be tight or uncomfortable. They should be snug, but allow a little bit of movement. Your foot should never fall right into the boot, nor should it slide out too easily.

Check for Support – The support offered by Sheplers work boots is unlike other shoes. A well fitted work boot will offer support in the bridge between the heel and the ball of the foot.  Without this support, your foot will be in pain after a short while.

When you walk around make sure your toes have at least one inch of room in front of them always. There should be no pain or pressure on the sides or bottom of your feet. Your heel should never come out of the boot, or rub against the back of the boot.

Check for red spots after you take the boot off. If there are red spots on your foot or ankle, this is an indication of an improper size. Try going a half size up if this is the case.

Sheplers Western Wear offers work boots that come in hundreds of styles and sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect work boot for your job.

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