Cowboy Hat Style Guide

Like a solid pair of cowboy boots or a good pair of blue jeans, cowboy hats are a staple in every country boy’s closet, but choosing a hat can be more complicated than it seems. They come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors that they are great for every occasion, but with so many cowboy hat styles, it can be difficult to understand the difference.

Different Types of Cowboy Hats

With our selection of men’s cowboy hats, you can find something for almost every occasion, but before you begin filling your online shopping cart, it is important to be able to identify the variations of cowboy hat styles as well as understand cowboy hat anatomy so you know exactly what you are getting.

The Dakota

Dakota style cowboy hat
Twister Dakota Crushable Felt Hat

A Dakota-style cowboy hat has a wide, rectangular crease on the top of the crown. This type of cowboy hat is mostly worn by bull riders in the rodeo.

The Cattleman

Cattleman Style Hate
Master Hatters Captain Low Cattleman 4″ Pro Rodeo 20X Cowboy Hat

The cattleman cowboy hat is one of the most popular cowboy hat styles. It has a tall, narrow crown and three parallel creases, with a slightly curved brim.

The Cutter

cutter cowboy hat style
Justin 20X Cutter Black Straw Cowboy Hat

The cutter is very similar to a cattleman cowboy hat, but it is a bit shorter. Also, the bumps on the side of the head allow for more head space.

The Ridgetop

Ridgetop Style Hat
Larry Mahan 5X Ridgetop Fur Felt Cowboy Hat

This cowboy hat style is similar in look to the cattleman and the cutter, but it is taller. The creases are more severe, and the ridges are more pronounced. There is also a curved brim. Together, these components make for a more dramatic cowboy hat look.

The Mountie

Mountie style hat The Mountie, also known as the Montana, has four creases starting at the center that make their way outward. This cowboy hat style can have a flat or a curved brim.

The Pinch Front

pinch front style hat
Stetson 4X Drifter Buffalo Felt Pinch Front Cowboy Hat

Not surprisingly, the pinch front cowboy hat has a pinched front on the crown. This piece of men’s western wear accentuates a narrow jaw line and can make your face look thinner. Historically, this type of hat was favored by women, but many men now wear this style as well.

The Diamond

diamond style hat
Stetson Diamond Jim 8X Shantung Straw Cowboy Hat

Similar to the pinch front, the diamond style has a pinch in the front, but it is also pinched in the back. This shape creates a diamond shape when looking at the hat from the top, hence the name.

The Telescope

Gambler hat
Stetson Black Hawk Crushable Wool Felt Gambler Hat

The telescope or the Gambler originates from Mexican cowboys. Its low crown that is either pointed or round helps prevent hot air from accumulating on top of the head. The wide brim also protects the face from the sun.

Picking a cowboy hat is a little more involved than you may have thought, but it is only the beginning. At Sheplers Western Wear, you can shop our online western wear store to get the full country look.



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