What You Should Know Before Investing in a Leather Jacket

Investing in a Leather Jacket

When it comes to purchasing a leather jacket, there are a few important things to think about. They are the ultimate staple in any man or woman’s wardrobe, so Sheplers wants to show you what you should know before investing in a leather jacket. 

Some of the key factors of buying a leather jacket are:

  • Type of Leather
  • Style of Jacket
  • Detailing
  • Lining Fabric 

Leather Jacket Tips

Knowing the ins and outs of the jacket you are looking to buy is important. Leather jackets can be a great investment, as long as you find one that fits you, your style, your budget, and, most importantly, is comfortable. There are many different types of leather jackets out there, so let’s break it down and see how you can find your perfect one. Check out our variety of women’s leather jackets to see that we know our leather!

The Material 

This decision comes down to your lifestyle. Do you need a material that is durable and has longevity, or are you going more for fashion over durability? Feel the material, see how it will feel on your skin, and do some research on the different types of leathers and find which one will be suitable for you. 

Some Leathers to Consider:

    • Full-Grain: Most bikers wear this to protect themselves. 
    • Top-Grain: This can be used to create thinner, more flexible jackets. This is a fashionable choice and great for more fitted styles.
    • Cowhide: This natural leather is dirt-resistant and makes jackets that offer great protection. 
    • Deerskin: Durable like cowhide, this material is softer and has a lighter feel.

Style of Jackets

Once you’ve figured out the material you want, you can focus on what style of jacket you want. With our wide selection of men’s leather jackets, we are familiar with many different styles of leather jackets:

  • Bomber Jackets 
  • Biker Jackets
  • Flight Jackets
  • Racer Jackets
  • Field Jackets
  • Utility Jackets
  • Duster Jackets
  • Varsity Jackets
  • Fencing Jackets
  • Cattleman Jackets
  • Carcoat Jackets

When it comes to choosing a style, think about your lifestyle and which jacket fit will be best for you. There are also jacket styles that work better with different leather types. Once you find a jacket style that you like, make sure you see what leather was used to make it.  


Adding jewelry and detailing to a leather jacket can add a little something extra to the jacket, but be careful as too much can make it look gaudy. In this category, most often, the simpler, the better. If simple hardware isn’t your style, that’s okay, too. Glam it up and work it! 

Lining Fabric

Another thing you should know before investing in a leather jacket is the inner lining fabric. This is an extra layer to the jacket and could possibly add more weight depending on which lining option you go with. You not only have the choice of fabric, but you also can choose plain or quilted. The inner lining is meant to be soft and keep you warm and comfortable. 

Different Lining Fabrics and Seasons to Wear Them:

  • Cotton (Spring)
  • Poly-Cotton (Summer)
  • Wool Blend (Fall)
  • Fleece (Fall/Winter) 
  • Fake Fur (Fall/Winter)
  • Sherpa Fabric (Fall/Winter)

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