Items That Will Make Your Summer Road Trip Easier

Perhaps one of the best ways to feel the wind in your face, the summer road trip is a rite of passage that every family needs to make at some point or another. Feel daunted by the thought of trying to organize everyone, along with planning the perfect trip? Have no fear, Sheplers has made a list to ensure that you avoid as many bumps in the road as possible when it comes to your family summer road trip.

  1. Chargers. Invest in a charger that will allow you to charge multiple devices and avoid an all-out electronic battle every time two people are at 1%. Make sure to invest in a phone case that will protect it from all of the adventures you go on throughout your trip as well; like a life-proof, water-proof case for underwater pictures if you’re feeling really adventurous.Shep Summer Road Trip 3
  2. Entertainment. Especially if you are traveling with kids, you will want to make sure that they are entertained for most of the drive. Play games that require little room to play and also keep everyone engaged; such as license plate bingo. The first person to get a row out of the 50 states wins a milkshake!
  3. Luggage. Efficient luggage is crucial to maximizing the amount of room in you have in your car. Choose luggage that will allow you to organize all of your belongings, along with protecting them at the same time. Especially if you are bringing items like your precious cowboy hat – invest in a hard shell hat can, so that your hat holds its shape throughout the whole trip.Shep Summer Road Trip 2
  4. Playlist. What is a road trip without the perfect playlist? Play the soundtrack from your favorite travel film or create the ultimate driving playlist from your own personal collection, making you want to drive for hours on end so that you don’t miss any of your favorite jams!

And with that, you’re ready to hit the road!

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