Jeans and Cowboy Boots to Wear All Rodeo Season Long

jeans and cowboy boots for the season

If you’re head over bootheels for riding season, you know that your outfit choices matter. Jump the gun and head over to Sheplers, your one stop shop for all things women and men’s western wear, to find the best cowboy boots that you can wear all rodeo season long. Look out 2019 rodeo – coming through!



All western style clothes start with jeans. Not only are jeans comfortable, but they’re also durable. Find yourself a pair of nice, durable jeans, like Wrangler Jeans or Levi’s, that will last well beyond rodeo season. If you simply cannot choose between straight legged, bootleg, or tapered jeans, grab a pair of each! You can never have too many pairs of jeans.


Cowboy Boots

With so many pairs of cowboy boots to choose from, how will you know which pair is the one that will last you all rodeo season long? Real leather boots will be your best bet. Now it comes down to choosing a brand:

Ariat BootsBeing the ultimate equestrian brand, Ariat boots are innovative and technologically advanced. Ariat creates high performance boots and apparel that can keep up with the rough and tough riders of the nation.

Justin BootsDurable and comfortable, authentic western footwear is Justin’s middle name. Justin Boots are dependable, and of great value. If you’re looking for a pair of cowboy boots that will last you through even the busiest rodeo season, you can find them with Justin.

Frye BootsWith quality and craft, Frye boots are as durable as they are extraordinarily crafted and stylish. Although the quality of the leather can scratch easily, these boots are built to last, and will do so.


Sheplers Men’s Western Wear

You can find everything you need in all things western wear at Sheplers. We’re one of the best western stores online where you can find cowboy boots, jeans, hats, and more, to last you all rodeo season long. Shop Sheplers today!

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