How Justin Boots Began


As an avid maker of his very own cowboy boots, H.J. Justin started what is now famously known today in a small town in Texas. Justin Boots are full of decorative stitching, ultimately meant to stiffen the leather to prevent from folding around the ankles. Sheplers is here to share some information on the origin of Justin Boots so you know exactly where your cowboy boots came from!

As stated prior, H.J. Justin liked to make his own cowboy boots, and he did just that with the help of a small loan. After a marriage and some time, the Justin family moved to Nocona, Texas for a greater business opportunity. As their children began to age, they became able to help with the little family business, which was called H.J. Justin & Sons, Inc. Less than 50 years later, annual sales skyrocketed and the original owner’s grandson bought the company’s stock, gaining control of H.J. Justin & Sons, Inc. He proceeded to change the name to Justin Industries, Inc.

Bringing such great success, Nocona Boot Company and the Chippewa Shoe Company both hopped on board with Justin Industries. About ten years later, Justin purchased their greatest competitor, Tony Lama boots.

Today, Justin Boots is known for their dependable cowboy boots made from quality material. They provide durability and comfortability, whether you are spending a night at the rodeo or a day on the farm. You can get your very own pair of Justin Boots right here at Sheplers‘ online western wear.

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