Kids Cowboy Boots Fitting Guide


When it comes to finding cowboy boots for kids, you will want to search for the right fit and style of the boot for the perfect pair. Your children may not be able to express the exact fit of the boot; however, they will recognize comfort and lean towards what they find fashionable. Sheplers western wear offers a wide selection of kid’s cowboy boots, such as the Swift Creek and Ariat brand. Check out the best kid’s cowboy boot fitting guide here.



Trying on Cowboy Boots


When your child is trying on a pair of cowboy boots for the first time, if the boot slides on too easily, you can be sure that the pair is too big. There should be a snug feel to the boots and it may take a bit to slide in for the first time. You should explain to your children that once the leather of a boot molds to their feet, their cowboy boots will start to feel increasingly comfortable. The ball of their foot should rest easily in the widest part of the boot by the front of the arch. We recommend at least a thumb’s width of space between their toes and the end of the boot. There should also be a slight slip in the heel at around a 1/4th inch. Check with your child to make sure that the boot fits firmly around the front part of their foot. Keep in mind that your kid’s feet will grow quickly, so you may want to allow some space for growth! These helpful fitting tips will allow your children to rock the most comfortable cowboy boots.


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