Cowboy Boot Spurs: What You Should Know

Do you think you are ready to wear spurs on your cowboy boots? Cowboy boot spurs are a little different these days than they were back in the old west. Sheplers has cowboy boots in all shapes, sizes and colors, and we also have authentic cowboy boot spurs to pair with them.

Earn Your Spurs

Traditionally, cowboys had to earn their spurs by competing in the rodeo and proving themselves. These days, the phrase “earn your spurs” refers to proving yourself and showcasing your skills in a particular position.

What’s The Use?

Spurs are used to direct the horse along with the reigns, hands, and voice commands. Steering a live animal is no easy feat, especially when it is kicking around.

Can Anyone Wear Cowboy Boot Spurs?

Anyone can wear spurs, but if you go to the rodeo, then it’s best to leave the spurs at home unless you have competed in a rodeo and earned them like everyone else there.

How to Assemble Spurs

Sheplers has cowboy boot spurs that are already made and they can be easily attached to your boots. If you have to assemble them yourself, it is important to know that they come in three pieces and Sheplers uses the following steps to assemble them:

– The Heel Band: The U-shaped piece that fits around the boot.

– The Shank: This is the piece that extends from the middle of the heel bank.

– The rowel: This is the most recognizable piece; the circular piece with the blunt points sticking out

The assembly is intuitive between the three pieces.


Feel free to deck your cowboy boot spurs with some flair. Sheplers offers already decorated spurs in our catalogs so check them out!

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