How Leather Boots Should Fit

Leather boots should fit in a comfortable way right from the very start. Sheplers, the #1 western wear and boot store on the web, ships out hundreds of leather boots weekly. Because when shopping with Sheplers you are unable to try before you buy, we have a few tips for you to ensure the boots you have purchased are the proper fit when you receive them in the mail.

It is wise that you check the boot fit when you are standing up straight. You should also put the boots on during the afternoon, for this is when feet tend to feel the largest.

Leather boots should fit and cover the entire foot, while feeling perfectly snug.

However, your leather boots should fit only the heel a little bit loose. You should be able to fit one finger in between your heel and the back of your boot when your foot is pushed fully forward.

Your toes should not be cramped in your boots, especially your big toe.

At the widest point on the foot being the sides, your leather boots should fit as if there is no pressure on the sides of your feet.

Good boots provide ankle support. To test how your leather boots should fit considering ankle support, stand on the sides of your feet. If they bend easily or if there is too much leeway, they will not provide you with the support you need while wearing them.

Sheplers has a boot fit guide, perfect to further your knowledge on how leather boots should fit the foot.

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