Long-Term Cowboy Hat Care

Cowboy hats are a great investment, so you want them to last! Sheplers western wear wants to share the best tips for long-term cowboy hat care to ensure that you will have your cowboy hat forever.



Storing your hat in optimal conditions is extremely important for maintaining its size and shape. Your hat should be stored upside down on the top of its crown in order to maintain its shape. Storing your hat on its brim might cause the hat to flatten and lose its shape. Hot temperatures can cause the sweat band in your hat to shrink. When the sweat band begins to shrink, the hat itself will then begin to shrink as well. To avoid shrinking your cowboy hat due to high heat, it’s best if you remember to never leave your hat in the car or trunk during warm weather. If your hat is worn frequently, you can store your hat on a hat rack.



If you plan on using your hat in rainy weather, it is best to avoid a felt cowboy hat. Felt does not fare well when it gets wet. However, if it does get wet, immediately flip the sweatband outward and set the hat upside down to allow it to dry. The best types of cowboy hats that can get wet are straw and wool.



When cleaning your cowboy hat, the professionals at our western stores online emphasize that you must be gentle. You can start cleaning with a clean, damp cloth, brush, or sponge to remove any dirt from the surface. Gently rub in small circles over the entire hat. For some preventative cowboy hat care, you should keep the sweatband of your cowboy hat dry by turning it inside out so that any perspiration or oil from your hair will evaporate rather than soaking into the hat.


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