Matching Western Attire

matching western attire for family

Going out on the town with the family? Or maybe you are looking for the perfect outfits for family photos? Let Sheplers be your guide for dressing the family in matching western attire! With the best women’s western wear and men’s western wear, we have everything you need in western fashion.

Here are a few ways to easily succeed in matching family outfits:

  • Boots
  • Denim
  • Shirt color
  • Shirt patterns
  • Accessories, including hats, jewelry, and more


When it comes to syncing up the family in the best western outfits, boots are a big piece of it! You’ll have to ask yourself, what will you and your family be doing in the boots? Cowboy boots come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. When picking out your boots, think of their functionality. Will you be walking around a lot? Something comfortable would be best! 

The best cowboy boots that will be used solely for family pictures leave you with a lot more options. They can be more about the look over the functionality. 


With our American Denim Guide, we can help you find the perfect denim fit for you and your family. Denim is always an easy western outfit idea. You can have denim pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, and even dresses to bring everyone’s outfits together. So throw on your favorite Wrangler jeans and strut your stuff!

Shirt Color and Patterns 

Now the easiest way to have the family in matching western wear is to have everyone in the same shirt. But for those who want a little more variety, maybe pick either the same pattern or the same color. Having everyone in a flannel shirt but with different colors shows personality and unity. Then going with a color scheme will help make things a little more cohesive without everyone wearing the exact same western outfit.  


Now at Sheplers, we have the Best Summer Cowboy Hats for everyone in the family! Nothing tops off matching western attire like a great cowboy hat. But if a hat isn’t your style, then there are other accessories that really bring the whole look together:

Western-style allows each member of the family to show their personality while still blending with the family’s matching western attire for whatever the event might be! 

Check out our website or contact us today to find the best matching western attire for you and your family! 

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