Mountain Khakis Have Soul



Most companies, and especially retailers, offer customers a mission statement in the hopes that shoppers gain a sense of what makes a given brand different than other brands. But Mountain Khakis dig a bit deeper by offering a “Soul Statement.” Such a whimsical, philosophical twist on an overused term is well-suited for a company born to craft clothing for outdoor wear in the extreme conditions of Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Inside us all exists an adventurous soul – a wild heart that is called from nature to live authentically and free from modern society.  For many outdoor and mountain enthusiasts pure freedom and rugged adventure has become a way of life.  Mountain Khakis were developed specifically for this lifestyle.



Well-made jackets, caps, denim shirts, and yes, khaki pants, are essential components to the wardrobe for any man or woman who enjoys spending ample amounts of time outdoors trekking through hills, fishing along a rushing river, or exploring throughout mountainous terrain. And often times, those outdoors-loving folks understand the importance of being good to the environment that gives them so much. Mountain Khakis feels that way, too, and even has an entire line of Organic T-Shirts. Yes, T-Shirts made from Certified Organic Cotton. It’s one thing for a company to draft a “Soul Statement,” but offering shoppers something unique, well-designed, and environmentally-conscious proves the brand indeed has a bit of soul to back up it’s own statement.

With gear from Mountain Khakis, any day will be a fine day to hit the trails or to get some fresh air whether you’re near a majestic mountain range or in the middle of your home neighborhood.




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