Nashville Fashion: How to Dress Like a Local

nashville fashion

Nashville, Tennessee, is known for its entertainment, music, restaurants, and fashion. Western fashion has been growing and making a bigger and bigger impact on the fashion industry. Since 1899, we have been a part of the ever-changing fashion world and all of its trends, so let Sheplers be your guide to Nashville fashion. From what to wear while you’re there to all the fun accessories, we got you covered! 

What to Wear In Nashville

Nashville is definitely trendy; however, it is more of a low-key trendy. While Nashville is known for being the heart of country music, it is important not to take that too literally. Keep it casual! We are here for the cowboy boots and cowboy hats, but many locals in Nashville don’t walk around like that daily. If you’re really feeling the spirit of the Music City and want to rock your best western wear, then, by all means, embrace it!  

When it comes to Nashville fashion, you’ll want lots of denim. Check out our American Denim Guide to see if you’re more of a Wrangler or Levis person. Having versatile jeans will level up your Nashville fashion and make packing a little easier. Jean jackets and sometimes denim dresses are also a safe way to go. 

Tips to Dressing Like a Local 

If you want to look like a local on your next trip to Nashville, here are some tips:

    • Denim: As stated before, denim is a must! Jeans, jackets, skirts, and bonus points if you layer them! 
    • Big Hats: Even though traditional cowboy hats aren’t a staple, big hats are! Big fedora-type hats go with everything in a local’s eyes. 
    • Booties: If regular cowboy boots aren’t your style, then booties are a great way to still get that western feel without fully committing. 
    • Jewelry: Statement jewelry is a big deal. If you follow western trends, you’ll see lots of turquoise. It is a common piece in Nashville fashion. 

These are just a few of some of the most popular local trends you’ll find in Nashville fashion. Think of it as a more hipster and modern western style, and a style that Sheplers is more than equipped to help you succeed! 

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