Party Ideas for National Day of the Cowboy

National-Day-CowboyParty Ideas for National Day of the Cowboy

It’s that time of the year again where National Day of the Cowboy is celebrated by many. This holiday falls annually on the fourth Saturday of July and commemorates the cowboy as a symbol of the great history of the American West. Sheplers wants to give you the best party ideas for your National Day of the Cowboy celebration.

Host a Hoedown

What better way to celebrate this national holiday than to host a country hoedown with your close family and friends. Bringing people together with traditional barn dances and dressing up in cowboy apparel helps keep the cowboy spirit alive especially on this special day. You can transform your backyard into a barn setting with western decorations or go to your local barn for your party. Make sure to engage in line dancing as it’s a traditional staple to the western lifestyle.

Wear Western Apparel

Make sure your guests come dressed to impress by wearing their favorite cowboy outfit at your party. This is the perfect setting to bring out your classic cowboy boots and Sheplers has you covered for anyone in need of a new pair such as these awesome cowboy boots. Don’t forget your cowboy hat, as it is the perfect way to commemorate the traditional essence of the cowboy.

Create a Rodeo Themed Party

Transform your party room into a cowboy rodeo setting with the right decorations. Hang up rope lassos around the walls to channel a classic rodeo event at your party. Incorporate cowboy games such as tin can toss to ensure that your guests are entertained.


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