What it Means to be a Cowboy: National Day of the Cowboy



The coveted western holiday, National Day of the Cowboy, is coming up and many celebrations will be centered around honoring the contributions from cowboys and cowgirls to the western heritage. This national holiday was created to protect and preserve the history and lifestyle of the western cowboy. The courageous American spirit of a cowboy is highly praised and Sheplers western wear describes exactly what it means to be a cowboy.

In historical terms, the true meaning of a cowboy is an animal herder who tends cattle on ranches, traditionally on horseback. A real cowboy knows his way around a farm or ranch and works with horses and cows. You can always find an authentic cowboy sporting a quality cowboy hat. A cowboy’s hat is one of his most prized possessions along with his cowboy boots. Nice manners and true southern charm are typical characteristics of a traditional cowboy.

You will never find a real cowboy bragging about his rodeo successes or how many head of cattle he owns. The humble characteristics of a true western man are manifested in his actions. The country lifestyle is embedded in every cowboy’s DNA and it’s not hard to identify one when you see one.

National Day of the cowboy is time to commemorate the era of the cowboy which began after the Civil War in the heart of Texas. Preserving the western heritage is an important component of this holiday’s festivities. How will you be celebrating National Day of the Cowboy this year?

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