Cowgirl Style Guide: How to Wear a Baseball Cap

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how to wear a baseball cap

At Sheplers, we have the best cowboy hats, but we know that cowgirls don’t always go for them. We also know that baseball caps for women are another favorite go-to. So when it comes to styling them and rocking them, Sheplers wants to help figure it out! There are so many different ways to go about wearing a baseball hat. It mainly comes down to hairstyles to wear with a hat and baseball hat outfit ideas. Here are a few things to try out!
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Nashville Bachelorette Party

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Nashville Bachelorette Party

Nashville has quickly become a number one destination in bachelorette trip ideas for brides-to-be. With the live music, honky-tonks, and a rich country music history, most brides can’t think of a better place to spend their bachelorette weekends! Along with going to Nashville comes the need for some of the best western wear out there. While it’s not an established rule for bachelorette outfits, why wouldn’t you want to be sporting the cutest cowboy boots and Nashville style?
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Preparing for Your First Concert Post-COVID-19

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preparing for country concert

As our beloved country concerts start to return to us, it has come time to answer the question we all have: what am I going to wear? Well, Sheplers has you covered. With our wide selection of cowboy boots, women’s western wear, and men’s western wear, you’ll be the Southern Belle of the ball or country gentleman.

While there are still COVID restrictions in place at most venues, the goal is still to enjoy that electricity and excitement that we all get when going to concerts. 

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Styling Your Bolo Tie

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styling bolo tie

The bolo tie, also known as a bola tie, is as synonymous with Western American culture as the great American cowboy hat. Originally named a Piggin Necklet, Vic settled on a shorter, more simple name, the bola tie. Due to its historical significance, many names have arisen since its invention, now generally recognized as the bolo tie.2 While historical, the bolo tie is still popular today and in no way should be considered an artifact of the past. Styling your bolo tie will ensure you stand out from cookie-cutter suits. Instead, you can display your style and refuse to comply with the more bland stylings of some modern ties. Wearing a bolo tie is wearing a statement. You’re different, and you want everyone to know it. 
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Summer Western Wear for Kids

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kid wearing a cowboy hat eating ice cream

At Sheplers we take kids’ western wear essentials for summer very seriously. What use is a cowboy without his trusted smaller companions to help them out on long ranch days or cheer on the talented competitors at some of the best rodeos in the USA? Our online western wear store is here to ensure you have all the summer western wear for kids so your young cowboys and cowgirls can look great all rodeo season long. 

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Women in the American West – History of the Rodeo Cowgirl

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silhouettes of cowgirls with guns

The history of the rodeo cowgirl involves a long line of strong pioneering women in the American West. Since the early twentieth century, women had to learn to ride and rope in order to help their fathers, brothers, and husbands with the ranch chores and daily work. The American cowgirl did everything that a man can do with one exception, it was done while wearing a skirt and at times with a baby waiting behind the chutes. At Sheplers, our online western-wear store, we are highlighting the incredible women in the American West by sharing the history of the rodeo cowgirl and how far they have come since the very beginning. 

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History of Rodeo Clowns

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2 rodeo clowns in an arena distracting a bull.

It isn’t much of a rodeo without seeing a barrelmen or clown in a crazy costume with a face full of makeup putting on a funny rodeo clown act. Rodeo clowns play a big role in a rodeo and have been around since the early 1900s when the sport was first adopted. We asked our cowboys at our online western wear store to explain the history of rodeo clowns the role rodeo clowns play in the big event. 

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Western Style Inspiration: Easter Edition

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As Easter quickly approaches, it brings with it the blooming start of the Spring. What better way to celebrate Easter and the start of a fresh new season than with a western easter dress? At our online western wear store, we have Easter Sunday dresses and pretty cowgirl getups to ensure you look your best this spring season. With the help of our Sheplers cowgirls, we have put together an Easter Sunday dress style guide with some of our favorite western dresses and skirts

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Best Rodeos in the USA

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A man riding a bull at the best rodeo in the USA in a rodeo stadium filled with people watching.

There’s truly nothing better than throwing on a good pair of your favorite cowboy boots from Sheplers and watching a good ol’ fashioned country rodeo. When is rodeo season, anyway? Lucky for you, there are plenty of rodeos throughout the year. Whether you are looking for local rodeos in small towns or some of the biggest rodeos in the US, we have compiled a list of the best rodeos in the USA.

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