Picking Out a Belt Buckle

One of the most easily identifiable features of western wear is the western belt. Like western hats, they are great accessories associated with western wear and culture. They are also used to create a unique look and display your personal style, so you should choose a belt buckle that suits your personality and the style that you want to convey to others.

Western belts can instantly dress up a pair of jeans matched with a western shirt or any other informal western style dress or outfit. Men and women who fancy western wear surely have a collection of different types of western belts with matching western buckles to go with them. Traditional western belts made from leather are highly functional and long-lasting and are the preferred choice by many cowboys and cowgirls.

There are over a dozen styles of belt buckles, such as box-frame, box-out, frame-style, clip, plate, snap, traditional—it can certainly get overwhelming! Cowboy and western buckles often have southwestern themes, and they can either be metal, painted with some color, or even adorned with stones.

Belt buckles are intended to make a statement and draw attention, so figure out what your message is and find a buckle that helps support it.

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